For Immediate Release
June 6, 2023

Three of Florida's Top Ten Most Wanted Charged, Warrants Sought

Leesburg, FL — Today, the State Attorney's Office for the Sixteenth Florida Judicial Circuit announced that it is seeking charges and further information on three fugitives of Florida's Top Ten Most Wanted located within Broadview County, Florida. These fugitives have been identified as some of Broadview County's most devious criminal offenders that have not faced justice for their crimes. These charges stem from an incident that took place on May 31st and on June 5th.

According to court documents, ISpilledMyTacos, an active fugitive from justice, was involved in an ambush attack and subsequent homicide of two law enforcement officers in a May 31st incident in Leesburg on NW 3rd Street. ISpilled is the second most wanted individual on Florida's Top Ten Most Wanted list, compiled by the State Attorney's Office in collaboration with the Broadview County Sheriff's Office. Additionally charged is springyokhacked, another fugitive from justice, that assisted in the attack on one of the two law enforcement officers. Springy is the fourth most wanted individual on the same list.

ThePlanetTree is Florida's Most Wanted fugitive, topping the list at the highest position. In this complaint, PlanetTree is charged with attempted armed robbery and aggravated battery in a stabbing incident that occured at the Delfino Used Car Dealership on Main Street. In that incident, it is alleged that PlanetTree attempted to rob an individual of their belongings but was thwarted by the victim, a licensed gun owner, who defended themselves from the offender.

Deputy State Attorney mandatorymorales announced the criminal complaint and is prosecuting this case on behalf of the State Attorney's Office. The State Attorney's Criminal Investigations Division is investigating the case. The case is pending in the Trial Division of the Broadview County Court. All defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law with all rights afforded.

Criminal Information - ISpilledMyTacos
Criminal Information - springyokhacked
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