For Immediate Release
May 23, 2023

State Attorney's Office Hiring Plan Announced, Job Vacancies For Hire

Leesburg, FL — With newly-established offices creating various job vacancies, as well as the need for more staff power in the already existing offices, the State Attorney's Office has announced a hiring plan to suspend current policies for the grave need of prosecutors and paralegal assistants. Previous policy required that State Prosecutors be hired internally from the paralegal pool of employees to ensure quality candidates. This policy remains in effect but is suspended for the duration of this hiring plan.

The State Attorney's Office is looking to hire for the following positions:
  • State Prosecutor for Homicide & Major Crimes [x3]
  • State Prosecutor for Public Accountability [x2]
  • Paralegal Assistant for General Prosecutions [x5]
  • Paralegal Assistant for Public Affairs & Photography [x4]

Prospective candidates that are interested in any of these positions should apply here.

After this hiring period, the State Attorney is expected to select an Assistant State Attorney to lead all the offices and divisions listed. The State Attorney is also looking to interview and select a Press Secretary and Chief of Staff to assist in their day-to-day oversight of the office. Those interested in this position should message the State Attorney directly. Prospective candidates are expected to possess an extensive writing ability as well as be able to provide past works.