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Office of the Press Secretary for the State Attorney of Broadview County, Florida


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About the Office

The Office of the Press Secretary is the point of media communication between the press, as well as members of the public, and the State Attorney's Office. All media inquiries and requests should be directed to this office. It should be noted that the State Attorney's Office rarely comments on active, ongoing investigations, cases, or matters of public significance.

The Office of the Press Secretary for the Broadview County State Attorney's Office plays a crucial role in managing and facilitating communication between the State Attorney's Office and the public. The Press Secretary is responsible for crafting and disseminating official statements, press releases, and media announcements on behalf of the office. They work closely with the media to provide accurate and timely information about the office's activities, legal proceedings, and initiatives. Additionally, the Press Secretary assists in coordinating press conferences, interviews, and media engagements to ensure effective communication and transparency.

The Press Secretary's Office hires interns on a bi-monthly basis for students or attendants of a recovery program sponsored by the county. These applications are released towards the beginning of the month in the department's discord server.