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TaxesArentAwesome has an extensive history within Broadview County that dates back to the creation of its county-level government. Though previous records are hard to recover, he was elected to the first convention of the Broadview County Commission and led the group as its chairman. In that role, he made a number of legislative advancements that marked the first government for the newly-created county group.

In February 2022, Taxes successfully ran to be Broadview's second County Executive in a landslide victory. His adminsitration is credited with largely focusing on the county-level courts and nominating judical officers to maintain the third branch. His administraton led to a complete re-write of the county charter to reflect the values and deficiencies displayed in governments previous, as well as ghostwriting numerous pieces of legislation that furthered the commmunity. He continued to serve in this role until his term expired later in the year.

On May 20th, Mr. TaxesArentAwesome assumed the role of Acting State Attorney after the resignation of then-State Attorney obagmna. On his first day, he resumed the duties of his predecessor and expanded legal resources for members of the community. His term continues today.

Office of the State Attorney for the County of Broadview, Florida


State Attorney
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