Homicide & Major Crimes Division

About the Office

The Florida Keys are a tourist attraction that draws attention of malicious actors seeking to impose their own will on the residents of the county. This has, historically, led to Broadview County having the highest amount of gun violence compared to any other county. To combat this, the State Attorney's Offce has dedicated the Homicide & Major Crimes Unit to investigate and prosecute street crime offenses to ensure that members of the community are safe in their day-to-day lives.

Additionally, the Homicide & Major Crimes Unit focuses on training law enforcement officers to gather evidence in a manner consistent with law to assist in the successful prosecution and conviction of repeat street offenders. To further this goal, they also work with law enforcement agencies to create and mold policies and practices to assist in crime-fighting investigations and to ensure that each law enforcement agency is properly equipped with the tools to collect evidence, testimony, and other exhibits necessary to secure a conviction and arrest.

Previously established as the Felony Division, the unit specializes in all types of general prosecutions. They are assigned all cases which do not fall under the reach of another office.

Assistant State Attorney for Homicide & Major Crimes


Assistant State Attorney
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