Office of the Deputy State Attorney

About the Office

Lucas, or mandatorymorale, has an extensive history in the legal community of Broadview in all sectors. Starting from a transfer from Ridgeway, mandatorymorale worked his way into the State Attorney's Office as an Assistant State Attorney for Special Prosecutions, and later the Chief Assistant State Attorney, handling a variety of cases in regard to public accountability. Outside his role as Deputy State Attorney, mandatorymorale serves as the Executive Director of the Broadview County Bar Association, and the General Counsel for the Leesburg Police Department.

His role as Deputy State Attorney is to assist the State Attorney in their leadership and administration of the office. This mostly includes overseeing day-to-day operations and forwarding final approval to the State Attorney. Furthermore, in case of absence or vacancy of the State Attorney, he will assume the powers and responsibilities in an acting capacity.

On May 21st, Lucas was selected to serve as Deputy State Attorney by State Attorney TaxesArentAwesome. Since then, he has maintained an active oversight of the department's administration and internal practices as a vital assistant to the State Attorney. He continues in this role to this day.

Office of the Deputy State Attorney for the County of Broadview, Florida


Deputy State Attorney
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