Civil Litigation Office

About the Office

The Civil Litigation Office plays a crucial role in shaping the government's legal position in cases before the courts. It is responsible for making legal arguments in intervenor cases in the lower court, defending the government or its agents in the lower courts, and preparing briefs on behalf of the county in cases where the government is a party or has a significant interest.

In addition to its role in litigation, the Civil Litigation Office also provides legal advice to the County Executive, State Attorney, or other parts of the government where necessary. They also assist other units of the State Attorney's Office in determining whether they should seek appellate review in any judgments or cases related to a case handled by that office.

Because of the high-demand required of the office, it is considered one of the most difficult positions in the legal field. The office has a limited number of staff that each efficiently work to further the office's goals.

Assistant State Attorney for Civil Litigations


Assistant State Attorney
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